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Designed Baby Diaper cakes to U.S.A

Esti B- Gifts in Israel are happy to have a variety of designed Baby Diaper Cakes!
Baby Diaper Cakes are the perfect gift for the new mom because it’s
Unique, HANDMADE creations and practical.                                                                                                                         
Do you have a good friend or family that has recently became a mom?
Want to send her a gorges baby gift but don’t know what and how?
Esti B – Gifts in Israel have the answer! Designed diaper cakes to the U.S that will spread some           

joy with the giver and the recipient.
Now we established partnership that makes it possible to deliver diaper cakes to U.S.A!                                                                                                                         

      All baby diaper cakes are shipped from the U.S so you save the high delivery charges and the time.
We focused on providing high-quality products with creative design & detail to customer satisfaction.

We will make the order for you, make sure it arrived and of curs will let you know!
Our Diaper cakes were created in clean, fresh air homes; the baby diaper cake has a strong inner

support so you will receive the diaper cake intact, adorable, and ready for gifting
With a variety of baby diaper cakes to U.S.A to choose from, we are sure you'll be very happy with any

product you purchase. If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.
Please let us know if I can help make the baby diaper cake or theme diaper cake you are looking for...