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Enjoy Rosh Hashana Gifts

Gifts for Rosh Hashanah

Gifts have become an integral part of any holiday which is an excellent time to give gifts for our loved
and strengthen family and personal ties. This is especially apparent on major holidays as

we know one of them is Rosh Hashanah.
Rosh Hashanah gifts
can be varied, but it's always good to start the year

with something sweet from Esti B designed gifts.

On ESTIB the gifts are elegant & original. You can surprise with wonderful gifts that fit the personal tastes of the recipients. Sweet Bouquets for Rosh Hashanah, quality pralines made with candies, gift baskets incredible size and content with a variety of high quality imported chocolates. This year, we increased the range of wines and alcohol products. You may contact customer service to get more information.
In addition to Pamper your loved ones with a spa gift for Rosh Hashanah. Excellent and charming holiday gift with relaxing spa products, high quality towels, gift baskets with elements of Rosh Hashanah: honey, jams special sauces, olive oil and a variety of sweet surprises, especially for Rosh Hashanah.
It's just fun to get the full New Year gift with things that remain even after the holiday.
Here, in Esti B, you will also find gifts for Rosh Hashanah for customer / vendor / manager / employee
shipping to all over the country overnight.
This year we will be happy to give you service for shipments abroad too!
Gorgeous designer gift baskets and sweets all over the U.S. shipments quickly and efficiently

, and of course at a great price.
We can also send Rosh Hashanah gifts for the European Union.
So hurry and order a gift for Rosh Hashanah and have a sweet new year!


Aladin blessing

Price: 220.00 ₪

chocolate gift basket with wines 2

Price: 350.00 ₪

Sweet Inspiration Gift Basket

Price: 385.00 ₪

Happy Rosh hashana

Rosh Hashana Classic Gift Basket

A very special and tasty Gift Basket for Rosh Hashana filled with an amazing selection of treats for a Sweet New Year!

Price: 330.00 ₪

Pure Gratitude Gift Basket

Price: 279.00 ₪

Israeli Experience

Price: 199.00 ₪

Classic Europe Gift Basket

Price: 299.00 ₪

sweet bouquet and liqueur gift basket

Sweet Bouquet & wine 375 ml Gift Basket

Sweet Bouquet Gift Basket made of Premium Quality Praline Bon Bons in a variety of colorful wrappers!

Price: 240.00 ₪

Alibaba Platter

Price: 295.00 ₪

MOET Treasure Gift Basket no box

Price: 800.00 ₪

1000 nights

Price: 449.00 ₪

Black Johnnie Walker Gift Basket  2

Price: 800.00 ₪

Jack Daniels Gift Basket

Price: 700.00 ₪

Premium Fruit Platter

Price: 329.00 ₪

Ravishing Success Gift Basket

Price: 450.00 ₪

Primavera - Pasta Gift Basket

Price: 399.00 ₪

Bostjan Heart Shape Kinder

Price: 285.00 ₪

Classic Bouquet with Moet champagne

Price: 500.00 ₪