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Kosher Passover Gifts in Israel

Welcome to As you can tall spring is almost in the air! With the spring,

Passover (Pesach), the holiday of Freedom is coming up soon.
Passover begins on the 15th day of the Jewish month of Nissan and considers being one of the most important holidays in Israel.

The primary observances of Passover are related to the Exodus from Egypt after 400 years of slavery.
That is the reason it’s also called the holiday of freedom.
For this Passover we offer you Kosher Gift Basket for Passover Made in Israel,
All our Passover Gifts in Israel can be delivered everywhere in Israel.

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A ravishing Success

Ravishing Success Gift Basket

Vintage Wine from "Gamla" Vineyards in the Golan wineries and filled with a special variety of Creamy Chocolates!

Price: 385.00 ₪


Classic Sweet Bouquet

A Charming Gift Designed for A Special Loved One!.

Price: 230.00 ₪

sweet bouquet and liqueur gift basket

Sweet Bouquet & wine 375 ml Gift Basket

Sweet Bouquet Gift Basket made of Premium Quality Praline Bon Bons in a variety of colorful wrappers!

Price: 240.00 ₪


All baskets are made to order. We pride ourselves on making your Kosher for Passover Gift Baskets the finest it can be.
Our kosher for Passover Gift Basket is the perfect choice for those looking to show their caring and loving in a very special way.
Our Passover Baskets, & Passover candy , cookies and chocolates make wonderful gifts and are appropriate for all ages.
We have same New Passover Gift Baskets delivered in Israel !
Filled with tasty produced, the Israel Gift Basket & sweet bouquets, has been carefully crafted to bring you the best, most authentic Passover Israeli Gift Baskets.

All of our gifts are beautifully packed and wrapped with cello wrap and ribbons, gift massage is free and all orders are made with our 100% love.
For your reminder, First seder is on Monday, April 6. Please note that on same items below,

we have limited stock, with no additional inventory available.
So don’t be late to buy your Gifts in Israel Passover Gift Baskets - a true special present to share with those you care for most.
The Israel Gift Basket delivery throughout Israel is easy

,so that you can make sure this special Israeli Gift Basket can reach your loved ones anywhere, anytime.
We wish all of our customers a happy and healthy Passover!