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Sending gifts internationaly

Sending gifts to the world
In addition to deliveries of gifts from Esti B anywhere in Israel, we notesed the needs of our customers for deliveries to relatives who live outside Israel.
By looking outside the fram we realized that it should not be difficult, and most importantly it should be at attractive prices for our customers.
It is important to say that these costs do not affect the high quality of product and customer delivery times.
In recent years, due to advances in technology, it seems to us more and more that the world has become "global village". What does it mean?
Due to the advent of technology the world seems to have become smaller…

We in Esti B glad to offer you a unique service of gift delivery : maybe there are business that make deliveries abroad but we have very importent advantages : an attractive price , excellent service,
We opened our gifts branch of Europe and we send out all the products to the 27 EU countries: Germany, France, Britain, Sweden and more ...
In addition, relationships with suppliers in the United States and Canada allow us to send a very wide range of lovely gifts: gift baskets for all occasions, baby gifts, spa gifts and in fact we can provide a solution for a gift you want!
We track down the package and make sure it was in the best destination and we will notify you.
We make every effort to find a quality gift baskets and kosher laws abroad.
So if you have family / friends / customers / suppliers and you want to send them a designed gift that puts a smile and reap compliments – Esti B is the right place!
You can contact us - Esti - 054-4464311