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Sweet bouquets to the U.S

Sweet bouquets are colorful and lovely gift that perfect for every occasion and every person.
Designed Pralines decorated like a flower bouquet in a decorative shaped vase. We ship our sweet bouquets to Israel in a variety of colors and flavors.
Due to the high demand of our customers to send sweet bouquets to other places abroad, we opened the branch in Europe from which we send sweets to 27 EU countries in the past 4 years.
Now Esti B pleased to offer for all its customers, a variety of sweet bouquets to the U.S.!
Do you have friends or relatives in the U.S.? You want to send them a beautiful gift but shipping cost will not be so high?
There is a great solution!
We suggest sending kosher sweet bouquets (under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate) by Lindt .
We are aware that there is a same company that sends products abroad but
we have some key advantages:
1. Cost of delivery will not by high
2. We work with Delivery company with professional experience
3. Quick delivery time
4. Get a tracking number for your package until reaching the target.
This is all possible thanks to the new Esti B branch in the U.S.
So if you want to treat your loved ones in the U.S. with a sweet bouquet
Esti B will be happy to assist you!