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Baby Clothing Bouquets


Esti B ~ Gifts In Israel  Baby Clothing Sweet Bouquets & Gifts Collection!

A wonderful, practical and affordable gift to celebrate the arrival of a New Baby Boy or Girl!

A cheerful, unique gift to welcome a New Mother at home or in the hospital!

A lovely variety of gifts - big and small in every price range, for Baby Shower Gifts & Favors!

Soft and Cozy

Clothing Bouquet-Soft & cozy

beautiful & designed gift for the little baby boy.

Price: 199.00 ₪

Mini bouquet

Mini Clothing Bouquet

This unique Large pink Baby gift is a practical alternative to flowers as a present for a new mom

Price: 250.00 ₪

Baby girl clothing bouquet

Baby Girl Clothing Bouquet

Special gifts ideas for the birth of a new baby girl!!

Price: 220.00 ₪

Baby boy clothing bouquet

Baby boy clothing bouquet

This Classic blue Baby gift is a unique yet practical alternative to flowers as a present for a new mom.

Price: 230.00 ₪

Littel one

Littel One clothing bouquet

Everyone will go nuts over the Classic Large Pink Baby cloth bouquet. It's a wonderful and useful baby gift

Price: 185.00 ₪

Tigger in a basket

Tigger in a Basket clothing bouquet

All the first clothing for the baby decorated in a basket with soft "Disney image"

Price: 240.00 ₪


Price: 200.00 ₪


Dizzying Surprise Gift Basket

Baby cloth bouquet presented to look like a real bouquet of flowers.

Price: 385.00 ₪

Candy clothing bouquet

Candy Clothing Bouquet

3 first clothing items for the new baby girl: shirt, legs and body shirt.

Price: 150.00 ₪