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Rosh Hashanah Gifts Israel

A ravishing Success

Ravishing Success Gift Basket

Vintage Wine from "Gamla" Vineyards filled with Creamy Chocolates!

Price: 385.00 ₪

Moet Tresure Chest

Price: 799.00 ₪

Israeli Experience

Israeli Experience Gift Basket

This Gift Chest has a Collection of "Elite" Kosher products

Price: 199.00 ₪

Primum for rosh hashanah

Price: 399.00 ₪

chocolate gift basket with wines 2

Price: 350.00 ₪

Happy Rosh hashana

Rosh Hashana Classic Gift Basket

Gift Basket for Rosh Hashanah filled with selection of treats

Price: 330.00 ₪

Music box

Music Box Gift Basket

combination of Vintage Red Wine and Selection of Chocolates!

Price: 275.00 ₪

sweet bouquet and liqueur gift basket

Sweet Bouquet & wine 375 ml Gift Basket

Sweet Bouquet made of Premium Quality Praline & wine

Price: 240.00 ₪

A delightful discovery

Delightful Discovery Gift Basket

Grand Collection of Tasty Treats!

Price: 229.00 ₪

sweet flowerbed

Price: 290.00 ₪

my woman

My woman Gift basket

Desigend with 4 spa products , towell 100% cotten and sweet bouquet of 10 Perlins .

Price: 250.00 ₪

Holiday wine chocolate gift basket

Price: 250.00 ₪

The good land marinade basket

Price: 250.00 ₪

sweet bouquet with wine

Price: 230.00 ₪

Europe Gift Basket

Price: 229.00 ₪

Sweet and Healthy

Price: 189.00 ₪

sweet flowerbad

Price: 150.00 ₪

Rosh hashanah sweet bouquet

Price: 150.00 ₪

Green Garden

Price: 149.00 ₪

Blessing All Around

Price: 249.00 ₪

Lehaim Gift Basket

LeHaim Gift basket Israel

two wines, chocolates and tasty nuts Gift Basket

Price: 399.00 ₪

Priemium fruit platter

Premium Fruit Platter

nature's healthiest, gourmet dried fruits and nuts arranged in platter

Price: 249.00 ₪

Classic Dual Israeli wines

Classic Dual Israeli wines

2 israeli wines in a basket

Price: 239.00 ₪

Gray Goose vodka celebration

Gray Goose Vodka Celebration

chocolates, Grey Goose Vodka, candies and nuts

Price: 629.00 ₪