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Shipping information


 Gifts In Israel – Walwater Gifts … Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

We appreciate your decision to buy from Gifts In Israel – Walwater Gifts!

Please take a moment to read our shipping policy.

Shipping Coverage & Delivery Days

Delivery in Israel is provide by UPS and we do next day delivery for orders we get until 13:00 Israel time .

we can do the deliveries Sunday - Thursday . deliveries on Friday will cost extra 30 ILS. orders that will recive on Friday can be deliver to the recipient on Manday. we do not deliver on Saturday.

Delivery in Europe is provided by DHL, therefore in Europe deliveries are not possible on Saturdays and Sundays; or on a local EU national holidays according to the country destination.

We can ship gifts to ALL European Union countries with no tax restrictions. Customers ordering gifts for delivery outside European Union countries may order non-alcoholic products only; and the recipients outside of the European Union may have to pay local taxes. In addition, all packages delivered outside of a European Union country may be required to pass through customs and may cause delays.

 Gifts In Israel – Walwater Gifts is not responsible for shipping, delivery or tax problems detailed in this document; but will do our very best to be of assistance as situations arise.

 Hospital/Hotel Delivery

 Gifts In Israel – Walwater Gifts is able to deliver Gift Baskets & Sweet Bon Bon Bouquets to Your Friends and Loved Ones in Hospitals and Hotels all over Europe!

Due to the limited time when the Recipient may be housed at the Hospital or Hotel, you must confirm their dates in order to schedule the delivery.

When placing a Gift, Basket or Sweet Bouquet order for delivery to a Patient or Guest, please provide the following information:

PATIENT Full Name (First and Last) GUEST Full Name (First and Last)
HOSPITAL Full Name HOTEL Full Name
HOSPITAL Main Phone Number HOTEL Main Phone Number
HOSPITAL Full Street Address HOTEL Full Street Address
HOSPITAL Department (Maternity, etc) HOTEL Room, Suite or Extension Number
HOSPITAL City, State, Country and Post Code HOTEL City, State, Country and Post Code

Requested DELIVERY ( From MM/DD/YY To MM/DD/YY )

Requested DELIVERY ( From MM/DD/YY To MM/DD/YY )


Signature Policy

You MUST be an Adult over 18 years of age to purchase gifts containing Alcoholic Beverages from Esti B – – Walwater Gifts. All packages sent by Esti B – Gifts In Israel – Walwater Gifts REQUIRE a Signature On Delivery.

It is highly recommended that you provide a valid Business Shipping Address for the best possible service.

Customer comments submitted with an order such as 'Please leave on back porch' or 'Please leave at front door' will be ignored!

Shipping Charges will not be refunded if your package is returned because there was no Adult, or person over the age of 18 to sign as required.

 Estimated Delivery Time



In Israel 

Gifts in Israel is doing our best that every order we get until 13:00 local time will be deliver on the next day all over Israel - except Eillat ( that will take 2 business day delivery and 100 ILS delivery charge).

All order deliveries are based and performed on the standard Business days of Sanday through Friday. Please see the attached Delivery Calculation Chart for an estimated number of business days for your gift to be delivered.

In Europe

All orders placed will be shipped within the following 2-7 business days, depending on the country delivery destination. Shipping charges will vary based on shipping methods and final country destination.

All order deliveries are based and performed on the standard Business days of Monday through Friday. Please see the attached Delivery Calculation Chart for an estimated number of business days for your gift to be delivered. (Please note that these are estimated times, not guaranteed times especially for ground shipments.)

Express Shipping is available; please contact us directly to make the best arrangements for Next Day Delivery services.

We do everything possible to protect gifts from temperature related damages. If you have concerns about the weather, please choose a faster shipping method.

You will receive an email containing tracking information once your order is boxed and ready for shipment. Please note, these tracking numbers will not be active until they are scanned by the driver. (For example, if you have an order scheduled to ship on a Monday, we may box it on a Friday and send you the tracking info. However, the tracking info will not be valid until the driver picks it up on Monday.)


We will automatically add insurance to the total shipping cost of each order. This insurance covers the Euro value of the product per KG, not the product itself. Some products cannot be replaced.

The insurance covers 10 Euros for each 1 KG, Therefore, if you are ordering a high value gift it is recommended to contact us directly to insure the entire package with a minimal additional fee.

In case of lost or broken packages, the recipient will need to complete a damage report with the shipping company in order for us to file a claim for the damage. As soon as the damage report is completed and we are notified by the shipping company, we will resend an entirely new product the same as the original, but damaged item.

Lost packages; after receiving confirmation from the shipping company for a completed lost parcel report, we will resend a new gift to the recipient.


Shipping Policies

Orders placed will be shipped to recipient within the next 2-7 business days based on DHL country list. If you need a specific shipping date, we can offer you an express delivery that can be drop shipped within 1-2 business day.

If any of the gifts items ordered are not in stock and they will not be received until after the requested date, we will send you an email notification and the shipment will be held and will not go out until we get an authorization to ship; or further instructions how to proceed from you, the Client.

Please know that Esti B – GiftsI in Israel – Walwater Gifts will make our very best efforts to deliver the package in time. However, we WILL NOT be responsible for the exact delivery dates of a ground shipment order; and no refunds or returns will be performed or accepted, per the terms and conditions of the shipping company.

If an Express Shipment order is not delivered on time, there may be a partial shipping refund per the terms and conditions of the shipping company.

Esti B – Gifts In Israel – Walwater Gifts is not responsible for return packages because of an incorrect or incomplete address, if there were no Adults to sign for the delivery; or if the recipient was absent. In such a case there will not be a refund for any shipping charges, and a 50% restocking fee will be charged if you choose not to resend the gift.

Please check your delivery address carefully! Include zip codes, apartment numbers and other important information as necessary. Incorrect or incomplete addresses will result in a € 20,00 handling charge for each delivery attempt, in addition to all charges. No address changes can be made once the package leaves the store. If the package is returned to Esti B – Gifts In Israel – Walwater Gifts and you choose to reship to the recipient; we will reship to the correct address and the additional shipping charges will be the responsibility of the sender. If you choose not to reship, the 50% restocking fee will be charged.

Esti B – Gifts In Israel – Walwater Gifts cannot ship to a Post Office Box; as a PO Box is not be considered a valid shipping address.


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